Exercise 4: Archival Intervention

A family has two sides…

My wife and I, like most married couples will produce a future archive for our nuclear family, and our children in turn will do the same. Like us and them our respective parents have done the same in the past. This is an almost inevitable consequence relationships in the modern age.

Over the past few years we have been passed or discovered (through bereavement) a number of archives which we were previously (largely) unaware. Through receiving these, we have unwittingly collected images that have never been seen together.

I have created a collage above, one of many of many possible permutations. The top row is my wife’s family line, and the bottom row, mine. My wife is the little child, and I am one of the young boys. Other links include mothers on the left, fathers on the right, children in the middle. In both sets, mother and child are on holiday.

Like Kuhn and her mother, I imagine that both mother’s would claim ownership of the feelings my wife and I have when looking at the photographs, and even more than that, claim ownership of the feelings we had when the photographs were taken.

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