Assignment 3 – Windows or Mirrors

Developing the Theme

COVID-19 has restricted opportunities to explore these themes fully, an in particular has removed the opportunity to explore new communities. In any event, with the releasing of lockdown, I have been able to get involved in a local event, which provided the basis for this assignment.

This body of work forms a window on our local community, and in particular a group of people involved in local event management.

Technical Approach

I used my Fujifilm XT3 with an 18-55mm zoom lens. I set ISO at 400 to match the conditions of the day, while providing me a reasonably high shutter speed.

Some pictures were taken openly, others were discreet (at waist level) to avoid affecting the subject’s behaviour. This was not to the detriment of being an insider, which I most definitely was.

Very little post-processing was carried out, other than my selection of film, in this case Fujifilm Classic Negative, to obtain a more classic film look.

The pictures were taken across two different shoots, shown in the contact strips below.

The people represented here, are all key members of the local community. They either document the community, provide support for the community, or are involved in local event management. I have selected the images, not on the quality of the image, but on the work they carry out. They were all taken, however, in the process of active involvement in an event.


Penny is a very significant figure in the community. She is the producer of an online news and blog that covers Hungerford and surrounding villages and an active participant in event management. There will not be a single event that she is not documenting or supporting in some other way. In this picture, she is acting as a steward at a community food and craft market.


Catherine is an active member of HADCAF (Hungerford and Districts Community Arts Festival). Catherine is also a producer of local produce. HADCAF has been a transformative body by producing an annual two week arts, crafts and music festival for the last ten years of more.


Jane is another active member of HADCAF, dealing with organising and running of the events. Jane, originally from Lancashire, is a relatively new member of the community, but is thoroughly embedded in everything we do.


Louise is a key member of the local school and has been influential in the cross-fertilisation between school / community networking and the use of the school for HADCAF events. Originally from London, Louise has also become a central figure in community life.


Steve is a member of the HADCAF organisation, responsible for the bar and ticketing. He is very active but also a critical voice, and by being so, is probably carrying out a transforming role.


Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

(Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills)

The body of work above demonstrates sufficient technical control over the photographic process pre and post process. The body of work demonstrates some competency in visual awareness and composition.

Quality of Outcome

(Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, with discernment)

Although I am comfortable with the composition and selection, the current climate, and to some extent, my introversion, has limited the depth of my work, resulting in a body of work that is perhaps a little shallow.

Demonstration of Creativity

(Imagination, experimentation, invention, personal voice)

I am not sure that the nature of the assignment lends itself to creative photography, but perhaps that is a limitation in me.


(Reflection & Research)

It has been rather challenging to describe the context for my work. Not because I cannot find any, but rather that my work pales in comparison, and I am not comfortable showing them side by side.

Nevertheless, here it is:

Lisette Model, Woman with Veil, San Francisco, 1949
Diane Arbus, Woman with a Veil on Fifth Avenue, NYC, 1968