Assignment 3 – Windows or Mirrors

Developing the Theme

COVID-19 has restricted opportunities to explore these themes fully, an in particular has removed the opportunity to explore new communities. In any event, with the releasing of lockdown, I have been able to get involved in a local event, which provided the basis for this assignment.

This body of work forms a window on our local community, and in particular a group of people involved in local event management.

Technical Approach

I used my Fujifilm XT3 with an 18-55mm zoom lens. I set ISO at 400 to match the conditions of the day, while providing me a reasonably high shutter speed.

Some pictures were taken openly, others were discreet (at waist level) to avoid affecting the subject’s behaviour. This was not to the detriment of being an insider, which I most definitely was.

Very little post-processing was carried out, other than my selection of film, in this case Fujifilm Classic Negative, to obtain a more classic film look.

The pictures were taken across two different shoots, shown in the contact strips below.

For the full document, click here.

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