Exercise 3: Storyboard

Following the cue that the exercise should be a light-hearted look at the role of image and text, I chose to create a cartoon strip of our dog Charlie. We “rescued” a very naughty Charlie from a family when he was 6 months old. Charlie is now 6 years old and, in that time, we have converted him from being very naughty, to just being very mischievous. We named him Charlie in memory of those lost at Charlie Hebdo, and of course Peanuts. This is Charlie’s story in his 7th week of lockdown…

Je suis Charlie

The images were photographed rather than drawn, and having converted the RAWs into JPEGs, I subsequently used FotoSketcher to simulate a moderate oil pastel look. Affinity Publisher was used to create the layout and add the text.

I selected ten images out of the culled set, based on my expectation that they could complement the story. The images themselves without the text could be interpreted many ways, but those choices collapsed to one once the relay text was added; the final cartoon strip makes sense only because the images and the text works together.

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