Exercise 2: My Personality

Defining one’s own personality is one of the hardest self-assessments and possibly the least truthful, in the sense that one’s own view is no more, and probably less, relevant than that of close friends and family. However, as this is the exercise, I have created three groups that define aspects of my personality.

Group 1
Perceptive Argumentative

Group 2
Group 3

To reflect my personality types in group 1, I have chosen to sit reading a physics textbook, looking slightly challengingly at the viewer. I sit next to a bookcase holding other texts on art, photography, physics and mathematics.

To reflect my personality types in group 2, I have chosen to sit messing with my dog, with an averted gaze. I have chosen a throw and a colourful cushion to include in the scene, to emphasise the softer sides to my personality.

In both cases, I have chosen Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome as the colour profile with a square crop to draw the viewers’ eyes into the subject matter I want them to look at.

I have chosen not to portray group 3 personality types as I am limited to space and props while in the lockdown. I might attempt it when life returns to normal.

This exercise could be extended by carrying a deeper and more considered self-analysis, resulting in a bigger set of images. The images could emphasise the roles more clearly through acting, use of props etc. in the mode of Cindy Sherman.

However, more interesting would be considering the view of others and perhaps including them in the images, rather like Hans Eijkelboom’s Identity series.

I would wish to do some research on how to convey personality in portraits. The following article was a useful start:

https://photography.tutsplus.com/articles/identifying-and-capturing-personality-in-your-portraits–photo-9618 [accessed 15th April 2020]

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